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We offer a competent mixing service which will guarantee you will leave with the recording that you want and both studios can fully recall your mixes in minutes for those final tweaks.
Long and Short Term Lets: All our rooms are available for block bookings from outside engineers and producers and always come with an assistant engineer on site to help make your project run smoothly. Discounts are available for block bookings so contact us now to discuss your project and secure a great deal for a world class professional recording studio.
Mastering: At Soundworks we provide a competent CD mastering service ensuring your final recordings are sounding at their best. Attended and Unattended sessions are available but you can always be assured that your will leave with a top quality master CD.
Recording: Our Studio One is the perfect place to record your music, with its large live room, isolation booths you can be confident you are going to get the best sound for your project. Don’t need a room that large? Then Studio Two offers a perfect place for those small overdubs and vocal recordings.
Arranging: Would you like strings on your recording? Or maybe an extra bit of Hammond organ? We offer a music arrangement service, writing anything from classical orchestrations to contemporary rock. Mixing: Both our studios provide a good working environment to mix in, whether you have recorded the audio here or elsewhere.