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The first thing you'll notice when walking into Studio One is our 64 Channel Analogue SSL Console. Used by the likes of Coldplay, Black Sabbath and many more, it is at the heart of our impressive recording experience and guarantees a great sounding final product. The SSL comes with state of the art EQ, Compressors and Gates on every channel and is equipped with VCA automation and Total Recall. The studios air conditioned control room has been designed to provide a comfortable and relaxed working environment with an all round great sound and all round great vibe, making it the perfect place to record your music. Accurate monitoring and amazing lines of sight into our live room and isolation booths makes it an easy place to work and with a decent array of outboard you'll never find you can't get the sound you are looking for. Studio One hosts a large live room, making it possible for bands of up to 14 people to play all at once, we pride ourselves on making recordings with vibe and energy and thanks to our large live room this is no problem at all. The live room also hosts movable baffles so the room can be shaped however you like. Studio One also hosts 2 isolation booths both of decent size for when separation is key. One of our biggest assets is our Schweighofer baby grand piano which has been praised by all who have used it. If the piano is something you'd like to use just let us know and we’ll arrange for it to be tuned.