Music Composition: Our team at Soundworks have written, recorded and produced music for media for decades. Our work has included TV ads, radio, films, theme tunes, computer games, recording artists, website, audio books, films and much more. Whether working to picture or a complete blank canvas you can expect a big sounding piece of music to really boost your project. Our music composition services are a one off fee; no licenses are involved meaning you have the freedom to use your music as much as you like.

Mixing and Mastering: Already had your work recorded but not sure it sounds its best? We offer a competent mixing and mastering service to make sure your media is heard at its fullest.
Voice Over Recording: Our extensive experience in voice over recordings allow us to cater for all your voice over requirements, including voice talent casting, post production and video-synced automatic dialogue replacement (ADR). With our high end microphones and vocal booth isolation you can be assured that your voiceover will sound at its best.